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Villa World Signs Sponsorship Agreement with Ironman Great Shannon Eckstein


BROADBEACH, Australia — Villa World, one of the country’s leading property developers, has signed on as a sponsor of eight-time Ironman Australia and six-time world title holder Shannon Eckstein. With a February 4 win in Surfer’s Paradise, the veteran surf lifesaver secured a third-place finish for the 2016-2017 Nutri-Grain Ironman season, a series the championship of which he has previously won nine times.

The Villa World sponsorship will provide Eckstein with important support as he continues his competitive career, while also enabling him to reach out to others about projects like the company’s upcoming Arundel Springs development on the already-legendary athlete’s native Gold Coast. With more than 40,000 Australians now happily residing in Villa World homes, those interested in what the company has to offer can learn more at

“We’re proud to announce that we have signed a sponsorship agreement with Shannon Eckstein,” said Craig Treasure, Villa World CEO and Managing Director. “Shannon is one of the most successful and inspiring Australian athletes of all time, and we’ve followed his career and many victories with great interest. He truly stands for excellence in everything he does, and his deep ties to the Gold Coast will also help make him an even more effective ambassador for us. We look forward to seeing him excel further on the waves and sand and to working with him here at Villa World in other ways, as well.”

Since its 1986 founding, residential developer Villa World has focused on delivering industry-leading value through a combination of craftsmanship, innovation, and long-lasting relationships. The company’s complete planned communities provide residents with addresses instead of merely land or homes, with every detail accounted for by leading designers, builders, and other talented professionals.

At the present time, over two dozen Villa World communities in Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria offer Australians access to move-in-ready, architect-designed homes at fixed prices with no hidden costs. This unique, all-inclusive approach to housing has helped make the Australian-owned, ASX-listed company one of the nation’s most successful and highly regarded of its kind.

In sponsoring longtime Ironman surf lifesaving star Shannon Eckstein, Villa World partners with an athlete who represents the same level of excellence in his own field. With dozens of victories and titles already to his name, Eckstein will represent Villa World as he continues his competitive career. The newly forged relationship will also see Eckstein exploring ways of becoming even more deeply involved with Villa World as he contemplates the future. Visitors to the Villa World website at can learn more about the new sponsorship agreement and the company’s developments.

About Villa World:
At Villa World, we deliver the land, the street, and the planned community, providing everything our customers need for stress-free success at dozens of Australian developments.

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Where To Start with Options and More

Quick Cash Home Sale from Various Companies If you are planning to sell your house immediately because you need money, you can find companies that can pay you in cash fast. These type of companies are really into buying houses by getting it from their company cash funds. All you need is to count in days once your home is sold because you are going to receive your cash payment in full. Selling your property by grabbing this type of opportunity is the wisest thing to do even if you are facing a difficult situation right now. The moment you receive your cash payment, your life will be back to normal easily. Companies who do these type of transactions don’t necessarily mind any situations that they are into. Even if you possess a house that needs a lot of improvement or it is an ideal one, companies will still buy it without ifs and buts. As long as you found the right firm to negotiate with, you won’t have to pay any commission or face hassles during the negotiation. These firms will be the one to shoulder your burden. These companies have already established their business that is why they are qualified to have monetary potency and flexibility to offer you the best deal. There is always a possibility that you will find a firm that can give you the best offer. As long as these companies exist, you will surely be able to sell your houses fast and easy. The transaction will be very fast and easy. Make sure that you have established the credibility of the company’s track before you dive in with the transaction.
The Beginner’s Guide to Options
Selling your property is not really an issue as long as you are able to find the right company to sell it with. Despite the fact that you are busy with your own life, dealing with the house selling transactions is no problem at all thus, it will not contribute to your busy life. All you need to do is sit down and relax because the firm will be the one to manage everything in your behalf. That is why it is very important that you find the right company that can do everything for you. Put in mind that you must look for a company that can pay you immediate cash once you sell your property. All you need to do is ask or the value of your home and the buyer will pay you in cash afterwards.
The Beginner’s Guide to Options
Companies who buy houses in cash will only make a straight deal without hidden charges and hassles. Solve your issues now by making money easily out of selling your property.

Learning The Secrets About Houses

Buying a Home through Lease Options A lease-option is really a two-part agreement or deal which supplies the landlord with a lease agreement with a tenant. There are numerous strategies to obtain real-estate; however in this period there is a method became many worthwhile for those looking to purchase a residence but don’t possess cash or the credit score required for the deposit that is required and this is Lease Option. You’ll find a great number of factors that lease option acquisitions sound right, but primarily it permits those that would not qualify to buy a property at this time, be capable of obtaining the property they really want. The basis of the lease option purchase is that you will sign a contract to buy a house, yet you will not automatically own the property in question. The reason why it is named “lease option” is really because, at the conclusion of the lease term, you have the option to purchase the home at a price. The terms of the lease-option purchase are that you would actually be tenants in the house For Just One, 2 or 3 years; then in case you choose to exercise your option to purchase, you’d attend the Negotiation/Final cases to take full and total possession of the property. In case you choose to buy, many lease option arrangements demand a small deposit, which will be applied towards the cost of the house. Payment terms are given in the settlement.
Finding Similarities Between Houses and Life
The greatest edge that you have if you try a lease option agreement is that a portion of the hire amount which you pay is likely to be set aside in a bank account, and that cash also moves towards the property’s purchase price. The opportunity to pay down the purchase price is one of the benefits to doing a lease option as opposed to renting.
On Properties: My Thoughts Explained
There are different terms that a lease option purchase is known by: a Lease Purchase, Rent with Option to Buy, and Lease Option. These terms are all used interchangeably. If you sign a lease-purchase contract you are planning to be able to move into your house right away and are currently going to be living there for the complete period of the lease portion of the agreement. Remember, a lease option contract is just that – an option. If you choose not to purchase the property at the end of the term – that is perfectly fine. In these economic times, banks are being very strict with their lending terms. Even the people who have great credit are currently finding it hard to get approved. The whole point behind the lease option purchase is always to enable you -the Buyer- to get the house that you just want, during the time you want.

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Cash Home Buyers: How to Sell a House Without a Real Estate Agent A lot of people seek the help of real estate agents to ask assistance in selling their house on MLS, but it’s still possible to sell a home without even passing through a realtor. If you sell your home without a realtor, it means not using the MLS or listing a home for sale, because off market homes can be sold to investors who are direct buyers, and these people are willing to buy for cash, and who can close deals very quick. There are a lot of reasons why people would want to sell their house fast, and these people include wholesalers, homeowners, investors, and heirs. A wholesaler buy and sell properties, and business routine includes contracting the rights to purchase a home and sell those rights to another investor good for only thirty days, thus needing to sell properties and close deals quickly. Investors are perfect candidates for houses with poor condition, for homeowners who are not able to maintain their houses or had no time to fix it. You might be surprised, but investors also want to sell houses quickly, particularly those who have just moved, those who are tired renting the home from a long distance, paying a property manager who does not do a good job, and those who found a better opportunity somewhere else. Investors have their own criteria for the amount they are willing to pay, because most of the time, they’re not going to pay the retail value of a house with a quick cash, otherwise they demand to get a loan and an inspection. Investors usually pay twenty to thirty percent below the market value of the house, and the seller won’t have the hassle of listing on the MLS nor pay a commission to a real estate company, considered both as a win-win situation. There are investors who want to buy houses quickly as much as sellers do, but they do not find each other, since investors can’t market to everyone, and homeowners don’t want to list their homes on MLS. Selling your home off the market is not a sure way to get the highest selling price, but it is the best way to get quick cash. Sellers should be understand investors who pay cheap or twenty to thirty percent of the actual retail value because they also need to invest and market the same property to other investors, but also be careful with shady investors who try to steal homes from off market sellers with the lowest price far from reasonable rate. We are cash home buyers in Cleveland who are looking for off market houses for sale, willing to negotiate as needed. You may check our website for more information.Why Options Aren’t As Bad As You Think

The 5 Commandments of Properties And How Learn More

How I Became An Expert on Sales

Do You Need to Connect to Home Buyers? Looking for the right buyer is important to you if you decide to avail cash immediately from your house. It will be very sensible on your part to think of getting home buyer but you have to consider some important things as well. You can never simply sell without doing a process so you better know the legality and even search for authentic home buyers. It makes a lot of sense this time when you decide to discuss terms and it would be more meaningful if you share those terms to your prospect clients. You are selling a property which is very valuable so you do not only give it away. With the many home buyers approaching you, it is time to simply undergo the right process. The first thing that you should do is to advertise. If you would decide to advertise, you can simply do it by posting streamers. It will be meaningful on your part to simply get proposals not only from your friends but even to those people who really like to avail the house. It makes sense on your part to call the attention of the people who have thought of getting your house once the plan has already been finalized. You need to offer bidding to all the people who want to buy your products. However, you need to know also if the bidding that you have to do is legal. It is fine for you to allow your buyers to raise the amount you like as long as it is done according to the law. You can consult a legal counsel regarding this matter as long as the one you choose knows a lot about real estate. You want to sell the house fast this time so it will make sense to undergo the process.
Why Sales Aren’t As Bad As You Think
It makes sense on your part to simply find the right buyer. Some prospects once to sell your residence for it is the main reason why they have to buy it. It will be meaningful for you to simply get the right buyer and sell the house at a high rate provided that it does not have any single damage. You want to know the very purpose and it would make sense if it is still residential. If the person who is going to buy does not have the capacity to pay in periodical basis, you better find another prospect. If you want instant cash, look for someone who could bring the exact amount right away.Why Sales Aren’t As Bad As You Think

Lessons Learned from Years with Sales

Selling A Home That Is Constructed Home construction is a pretty common activity as human beings require a shelter that they can live in called homes. The difference in a type of a house relies on the resources available for it and where the house is situated. Houses are constructed in different ways. Home construction has three major variants: pre-built homes, new home construction, and residential construction. Pre-built homes are commonly known as prefabricated homes are a type of homes. These homes are usually made of wood and some metal. In this instance, the homes are taken to the site where the home will be built after they have been wholly made in the respective factories. The parts that make up a whole house are independently made and finally assembled on location to form a house. This kind of home is easily and quickly completed as compared to their bricked and concrete counterparts. These homes are also mobile while they are in their complete form. They are preferred nowadays because they are cost friendly. The major problem faced by dwellers of these are constant repairs needed but the manufacturers ensure that their services are at all times available to the homes. In some cases, homes are constructed starting from the beginning to the end. Constructing a house requires so much man power and resources. The prerequisite of building a house is obtaining the land on which it will be built. Then they will need engineers, architects and home contractors that will ensure the necessary logistics are carried out before, during and after the construction. The first step is to lay out the foundation that will hold the house indefinitely. The materials used for the rest of the construction need to be scrutinized and to be as of good quality. Specific measurements are taken and applied to the best level of precision. All the tasks are to be carried out amongst the people put in charge and the constructors. The persons involved and the resources require payments and a lot of costs are incurred in the process all in expense to the home owner.
Lessons Learned from Years with Sales
The process of residential construction is the same as that of new home construction. Residential construction entails the building of mainly houses made of wood. A person who intends to make a home starts by getting permission from the local authorities to construct if need be. People who wish to build houses sometimes will have to inform the local government and obtain permission to do so. One has to buy the construction resources that will constitute the house from the flooring materials, the walls and the roofing. A home will last for a long time if it was built well and vice versa. If it is expertly carried out there is an assurance that the home will be strong and reliable for a long period.6 Facts About Sales Everyone Thinks Are True

The 10 Best Resources For Houses

Important Things You Must Consider When Looking for a Student Apartment

One of the biggest decisions you will ever make before entering a university is choosing the best place where you can stay now that you’re away from the sight and comfort of your parents. You have several options when it come to student accommodating, that include university halls, private student halls, private accommodations, or living at home. University halls are managed by the university as the name implies, and it is a great way to know people, making friends and living with other students in your campus, without having to travel long-distance to attend on-campus activities. The disadvantages though include students not being able to choose whom they can live with, no guarantees on being placed in a preferred accommodation, and since many students live the area, the environment is somehow noisy and messy.

Private student halls are similar to halls managed by universities but privately owned, which has been built exclusively as student living complex. If you decide to live in a private hall, it is best to do some research to find out curfew hours, the activities allowed, the amenities you can enjoy, communal spaces available, and the upfront costs. Universities usually can give you an approved list of student rental companies, that have formal partnerships in place for providing students another option for their accommodation. Since private halls are privately owned, they usually offer a better package such as free Wi-fi access, you are closer to student actions, and commercial establishments such as grocery stores, shopping centres, shops or restaurants and famous food chains nearby. Additional costs may apply since you’ll receive a better service and more independence, but the same pitfalls apply as living with university halls. If you don’t want to live in university or private halls, private accommodation is perfect for you, and you’ll be able to enjoy living in your own space, having the freedom to choose whom you can live with, and you’ll feel greater independence. Living in private student apartments is the best option to exercise your freedom and independence away from home, learning to do things your way, and you’re able to focus on your studies without the noise and messy environment.

If you are looking for a nice student apartment, we can help you with our very own Atlanta, Georgia student apartments located near Georgia State University, and we offer not just apartment living, but total student living experience, with the latest and modern amenities and conveniences to help you make the most of your college experience. Enjoy a nice swimming in our rooftop pool overlooking downtown, be active with our fully-equipped fitness center, or relax in our exclusive clubhouse equipped with a large screen flat TV. We are offering the best amenities and services in Atlanta, Georgia when it comes to student apartments, more than what you’re expecting, and along with our friendly staff, so feel free to contact us anytime by visiting our website or by directly calling us.

Understanding Houses

Factors To Look For In A Student Apartment

The moment that the start the school year is nearing, it is very important that you will know where you will be moving. It is now necessary that you will be looking at the different student apartment listings. It is when you will be in college that you might find it hard sometimes to look for an apartment that will give the needs that you have. That us why for you to be able to find the right apartment, you have to know what are the different considerations to take. Since there are a few considerations that you should be making, we will be talking about the in this article.

A student apartment that has a low rent is the one that you should consider first. It is in choosing the apartment that has a low rent that you should be choosing as most students pay off their apartments by using their student loans. The apartment that will require you to borrow less money is the one that you should choose. It is common for most student to get burdened right after they graduate because if these loans. That is why you have to see to it that you will graduate with less credit in your part. Focusing in what is ahead of you right after college is what you can do once this happens.

An apartment that requires a short commute is the one that you should look into. That is why when looking for an apartment, you have to consider the location of it. That is why it would be all better of you can find an apartment that is only a walking distance from your school. By making sure that you will be doing this, you can make things a lot easier and you can also be sure that you will be able to attend every class in your school. But, if there are no vacancies in apartments that are only a walking distance, then you have to make sure that the next option that you have is some place that has an access to public transportation. As much as possible, you have to avoid apartments that would take long rides to and from school.

The next factor to be looking into is an apartment that has a safe neighborhood. Looking for an apartment that has the safest neighborhood is the best thing that you can do. It is the college students that criminals find as an easy prey. This is the reason why there are many cases of robberies all around the college campus. That is why you have to make it a point to find an environment that has fewer criminal activities. It is for your own good and for the peace of mind of your parents.

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If You Think You Get Furnishings, Then Read This

Tips on How to Achieve your Dream Home Decor

Decorating your home is a task that most of us consider to be a big challenge. People are very familiar with a lot of different home decor items. All you need to do is to have your home redefined by means of re-arranging the items inside and you might end up with a great output. Even if you only spend minutes of changing your home decor, you will still see the difference before and after. Doing some home decoration will not just give you a new atmosphere, you will also feel happy and contented with your home and at the same time, enjoy.

Few things involved in doing a home decoration are your furniture, fabric, accessories as well as the colors. People may opt to spend a lot just to do some home decor but there are also those who are able to save a lot because they have ideas on how to do some budgeted home decor.

If you plan to hire a professional home decor to do the job for you, it is indeed a very good idea but don’t forget that you will have to spend more on this. A professional decorator will always surprise you of new and trending designs but at the same time, the person can also give you what you really want. The biggest advantage of having a professional decorator is the fact that they are more experienced and that will give them an advantage over amateur ones. They have the ability to transform your boring home to the most exciting place you will ever be.

You may opt to utilize the internet by downloading software intended for home improvement and get ideas from it. You will learn to improve the color, design and other areas of your home with the use of this software. Most professional home decorators are using software because this is very convenient and useful to them. Decorators will be able to get more ideas from this software.

A factor that affects your home decoration is the size of your home because this will decide whether the items found there will stay or not anymore. If the size of your home is not that big, you must be able to try a simple but elegant style for your home decor. And don’t forget to not add any more items in the area.

Home decors give your home a sense of belongingness that is why you need to take time, effort and money to allow some home decorations because this will also benefit your family by means of happiness and contentment.

What Has Changed Recently With Houses?

Consideration When Picking the Perfect Family Home

Your family residence is the center of all your family life. It is where we create most of our memories in our lives. Finding the right home is crucial because of the time that you will spend there. We all have different needs and what suits one person may not work for another. Below, we shall talk about some factors that can assist you in picking out the perfect family home.

Your needs and preferences will determine the type of home that best suits you. You might prefer investing in a house on sale through realtors or may wish to build a custom built house. If you prefer the first option, the best solution is to find a trusted real estate agent who has the experience to find a home that meets your specific needs. If you would want a custom-built house, you can search for a professional contractor who can build the home for you. That which you have to do is to request recommendations or search on the internet to locate that contractor who will bring your ideas out creatively.

Location is a crucial consideration when picking an ideal family house. Would you like a home in the city or favor the quiet small town life or village life? Would you want to live in a gated community which includes amenities like the internet, malls, hospitals, fitness centers and schools? Would you want a home in a modest town that is quiet away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Whatever the case, you’ll find the home that suits your tastes.

The size of your family also determines the type of home that you select. If you are a couple who are recently married and need to have kids in the future, you would desire to settle in a home that fits your growing family. You’d desire a house with spaces that are open for your kids to play. On the other hand, for those who have children that will likely be moving out soon and are grown up, you’d desire a house that is smaller.

If you have unique needs and you want the design of your home to reflect these, then building a new house would be the best option. You can choose everything from the design of the rooms, the size of the house, the flooring and the finishes. Building your home would make perfect sense for you as you can do it at a reasonable price and you should not go for anything that you are not comfortable with. There are scores and scores of customization choices where it is possible to choose from.

You’ll find numerous things to think about when selecting your ideal family home be it purchasing a new home or building one according to your unique needs.

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